Mariusz Domasat


Mariusz was born in Szczecinek, Poland.

At the age of 10 he began training in Boxing and Kickboxing in Legnica where he competed in local Junior Tournaments.

In 1996 he began training in modern Ju Jitsu (very similar to MMA) and also Judo in Glogow.

He moved to Ireland in 2005 and began teaching in local sports facilities including a National University in Dublin. A Year on, and he opened a full-time Academy in based in Naas. Following the success of his academy he moved to larger premises boasting a huge 8000sqft. The Academy is one of the biggest in the area.

In 2011 Mariusz was appointed President of ADCC Ireland in Stockholm by Marko Listen (World President of ADCC).
Following his dedicated work within the ADCC World Federation and working many ADCC events in Europe and Worldwide he was awarded his ‘A Class’ Referee Certification. This is the highest level of Referee Certification achievable in the ADCC.

Mariusz is a qualified IMMAA international MMA Coach.
As a MMA Referee, Mariusz has worked for multiple organisations like IMMAA (World Championship in Bahrain 2017) KSW, CELTIC GLADIATOR, BRAVE, EAGLES FC, CAGE RING CHAMPIONSHIP, CAGE LEGACY, WCFC amongst others.

Husaria Team
Professor Domasat now teaches and trains full time at his academy where he is building the next generation of future champions.

He has regular world class coaches visit to deliver seminars and aid his own personal training. Some of which are; Piotr ‘Bagi’ Baginski, Zbigniew Tyszka, Kamil Professor Uminski, Ian Harris, Maskaszu Imanari, Lachlan Giles, Dan Strauss, Kamil Wilk and many others.


Founder & Head Coach of Husaria Fight Team

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

ADCC Ireland President

ADCC World Federation A Class Referee

IMMAF – WMMAA International Mixed Martial Arts -Federation Referee

Judo Black Belt

Modern Ju-Jitsu Black Belt

IBA Ireland Personal Bodyguard


IMJJF 1996 Under Soke Roman Grzegorz

Judo 1996 Under Sensei Adam Nowak

BJJ 1998 Under Marcin Wsalendowicz

Boxing 1988/ Kickboxing 1989 Under Zbigniew Prych

BJJ 2006 Under Professor Marcello C Monteiro

BJJ 2017 Under Professor Piotr Bagiński


Following the success of winning the ADCC European Championships, Mariusz has featured on a number of high calibre UK Grappling Shows.

He has featured on numerous Superfights at past ADCC events.


Imanari BJJ UK Fight Team
Mariusz along with Sifu Patel form part of the Imanari Jiu Jitsu UK Fight Team – entrusted by Masakazu Imanari to organise his UK fight camps for competing in UK events. They have both been working closely with Imanari for a number of years now.

Behind the Scenes
Mariusz works closely with a number of high profile grapplers from around the world and is often involved in a number of fight camps in preparation for grappling shows such as Polaris and many more European shows. Mariusz has worked closely with; Masakazu Imanari, Gilbert Burns, Satoshi Ishii, Lachlan Giles, Kamil Wilk and many others.




Originating in Poland the Husaria Army was one of the most effective Cavalry in World History and unbeaten for around 200 years.
Also known as the fearless Knights of Polish – Lithuenian Commonworth